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AccountSoft SoftwareThe Ideal Accounting Software for a Traders, Manufacturer, Retailers Small Business

Software for Traders, Manufacturer, Retailers

AccountSoft Software for small business is designed specifically for traders, wholesalers, distributors, retailers in the field of chemicals, garments, cloth market, imitation jewellery, brand agencies and etc to improve business efficiencies in the area of billing, inventory management and financial account.

Any small business knows how difficult it can be to determine profit and loss. AccountSoft Software is complete bookkeeping software for all types of small business. It covers the whole cycle of business like it starts form Company creation and end with the Balance Sheet of the company. It covers all features of business.

Feature & Benefits of AccountSoft Software

Customize AccountSoft Software To Suite Your Need

AccountSoft Software recognizes that every business is different, and it is much more cost effective to modify your software to fit your business than modifying your business to fit your software. AccountSoft Software for Importers is entirely customizable. All customization is done by the Microsoft certified development team that developed the system. Below is an outline of the services we provide our customers.

  • Customization : AccountSoft Software for small business offers the ability to customize all aspects of the system. We will leave a copy of the system on our servers so modifications and testing can be done at our office and then implemented during off hours so it doesn't disrupt your company during normal working hours.
  • Training : Training is offered on-site and is typically given to one department at a time prior to installation. The first week after installation, the trainer will be available to visit your location to answer questions and help end-users get started. We base our reputation on the success of our implementations.
  • Installation : We will do installations on site generally working hand-in-hand with your system administrator.

System Requirements for AccountSoft Software

AccountSoft Software was developed using Microsoft Viusal Basic technology. It is very user friendly and faster then internet application. Aayat Software can run in any computer though having minimum configuration. So Aayat software is very cost effective software for small and mid-size business.

  • Processor Speed - 2.0 GHz or greater (dual processors not required)
  • Memory - 1GB or greater (4x512MB or 2x1GB)
  • CD Rom - Standard 24x or greater CD Rom drive
  • Storage - 200 gigabytes of memory or more on two separate hard drives.

Standard AccountSoft

9999 Rs / Yr

  • Single User
  • Multipel Compaines
  • No Customiziation
  • Desktop Application
  • Free Installation
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Business AccountSoft

19999 Rs / Yr

  • 10 User
  • Multipel Compaines
  • Limited Customiziation
  • Desktop Application
  • Free Installation
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Executive AccountSoft

34999 Rs / Yr

  • Unlimited User
  • Multipel Compaines
  • Full Customiziation
  • Desktop Application
  • Free Installation
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